Diamond Banc’s® partnership with a leading, high-volume retail store, allows us to sell your diamond engagement ring and other jewelry for more than most diamond buying outfits limited solely to the wholesale market. We have the expertise to accurately assess your important diamonds to ensure their true value.




How to Get Cash for Diamonds

Selling diamonds is a high-octane method of getting cash in a hurry. While the idea of having “unwanted diamonds” may seem as foreign a concept as “leftover wine” or “too much chocolate cake,” liquidating your sparkly assets when you need ready cash makes a lot of sense. Diamond buyers are looking for high-end, top quality rocks, the calibre for which someone is willing to invest thousands of dollars. Its potential resale value naturally forms part of the equation as part of the initial purchase.

The Diamond Banc is one of the nation’s most prominent diamond buyers. We specialize in purchasing and selling diamonds of one carat and larger. We are particularly eager to acquire and sell diamonds up to 10 carats and higher. We can sell diamonds retail, we can sell a diamond ring to another wholesaler or we can even sell diamonds to a cutter.  We know where to get the best price so we can offer you more cash for diamonds than anyone else.

You may be wondering why anyone would want to part with their precious gems. Diamonds, in particular, are endowed with a huge emotional attachment. There are many reasons why someone would want to sell a diamond ring. It may have been a gift from a former suitor who is best forgotten. Maybe there are strong financial pressures. Selling diamonds versus selling a house can easily be the lesser of two evils. Some pieces are bought specifically as an investment.

Unlike precious metals like silver or gold, diamonds do not have a gram for gram universal price. Instead, the value of polished gems depends on qualities like cut, clarity, color and carat, the so-called 4 C’s. Gemstone specialty organizations like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) have published standards that can be used as a guide when assessing quality when selling diamonds.

Our parent company’s roots as diamond buyers go back to 1896. We have cultivated numerous connections all over the globe. This enables us to skilfully negotiate the largest premium for your high-quality diamonds and signed designer pieces. Other diamond buyers lack our contacts and our 100 years of experience in selling diamonds. Diamond Banc will always improve upon any legitimate offer from another diamond buyer, so if you think you have found a more aggressive price for the diamond, simply send us that information and we will improve upon it.

Our Guarantee: Diamond Banc® will beat ANY legitimate written offer.